SPECTRUM by Sara Winter

Spectrum takes you on a journey through the landscapes of the world, led by the colours of the visible spectrum.
Through the colourful landscape photography in this book you will travel, criss-crossing around the globe.
The journey starts right in the middle of the deep red earth of the Australian Outback. While the colours around you gradually change, you will travel all the way to the sweet pink tulip fields in The Netherlands. In between you will pass by the lush greens of northwestern states of the United States of America and the cool blues of wintry Iceland.

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Spectrum book, regular edition

Spectrum - Regular Edition

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  • 100 full colour pages
  • over 60 photographs
  • softcover or hardcover
  • 25 x 20 cm
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Spectrum book, XL deluxe edition

Spectrum - XL Deluxe Edition

  • 100 full colour pages
  • over 60 photographs
  • hardcover
  • premium paper
  • 33 x 28 cm
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